Day 5 – Hiking for hot pools

Day five will stick in my mind as the day that I got a big bout of homesickness. It’s ridiculous how it happened. Dan was drinking from his water bottle and it squeaked in the same way my cat back home does, and that was it. The rest of the day was spent enjoying it less than I should have, and I felt generally just low. The weather didn’t help an awful lot. Whilst on a 6km round hike, we were met with pretty heavy rain and not the  right equipment to deal with it. The goal was to visit a natural thermal river in Iceland, so we didn’t consider that staying dry going to and from it would be preferable.

As soon as the weather cleared, so did my spirits a little. I enjoyed the end of the hike, but I definitely wasn’t reset. It may seem strange getting homesickness only 5 days in to a 9 month trip, but I’m mostly only away from home for short bouts. I tend to stay in one place long enough to become used to it. By this point, we have stayed in three different places and I am feeling the strain. Dan was lovely and understanding and hasn’t drunk from his bottle in front of me much since.


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