Day 9 – Recharging

I was wondering whether to broach this topic or not, seeing as this is going to be a public blog and I have no intention of making it private. I’ve talked to a couple of people, and decided I’m hardly being the most edgy person out there by discussing it. This week, I have seen more boobs than my entire life before! And I can’t generalize it to one particular country, the whole of Europe seems to have a looser idea of modesty than we do in the UK!

In the blue lagoon, you had to have a naked shower, and the cubicles were often full, so women of all ages were stripping off and going for it. In one way, I was glad I didn’t know anyone in those changing rooms. It helped knowing that I wouldn’t have to make eye contact with any of my friends naked. In all of the campsites, there’s been glimpses here and there of women who weren’t too fussed to bear all in the toilets or shower blocks. This morning definitely took the biscuit though. I was having a shower, minding my own business, when suddenly the curtain was pulled back. A taller woman with a thick German accent wanted to know how hot my shower was. Don’t get me wrong, she was actually quite polite about it. If she was asking me to pass the salt at the dinner table with the same tone, I wouldn’t think twice about obliging. But in this situation, neither of us had a stitch on and I wasn’t sure how to reply. Was she expecting an invite?? I can’t tell you for certain my reply, though it would have been something like this  – “n, n, no.. sorry!”

Other than that, my day has been very relaxed and at a slow pace. I couldn’t be happier about that. I’ve been able to recharge and am now ready to keep the pace going tomorrow. Dan decided that he hasn’t had enough excitement yet (I doubt the men’s showers are as racy), so he decided to go for a glacial walk. I’ll nag him to describe his experience here soon! So today was mainly sitting, writing this and people watching. I wish there was a way of people watching that let you have a good stare without completely creeping the subject out (quite rightly!). I’ve tried sunglasses, I’ve tried watching from a distance. So, please, if you’re anywhere in the world and you see this out of the corner of your eye;


please don’t be alarmed. I don’t want to kill you, I just like watching you eat.

This evening, we went to eat some lovely food out in a real Icelandic restaurant. No we didn’t eat whale and we finally took some foody pictures. The reason they’ve been lacking so far is because you wouldn’t appreciate 8 photos of hot dogs and noodle and 6 photos of pasta and pesto. But here they are!


The starters were joyful!



I hadn’t eaten since this morning with porridge, so I had to get stuck in!



The pizzas were awesome!


and Dan was looking lovely!

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