Day 1-3 – Reykjavik

A summary of our first few days in Reykjavik


I’ll have to bunch these days up together as my diary isn’t giving me an awful lot to go on and my memory is already starting to fail me. We arrived at Reykjavik and were really surprised at how flat the landscape is compared to Wales. It’s pretty easy to see for miles! We slung on our backpacks and made our way to where we were staying in Harfnarfjodur (I probably still can’t spell it very well). We spent about half an hour knocking on the door of our AirBnB, before we realised that all of the outside doors were open. Once we were inside, we saw within a few minutes some cars keys and a pretty expensive laptop. It was unreal. The idea of leaving your belongings so vulnerable in the UK is crazy, and it’s really amazing that there’s somewhere in the world where people feel safe enough to do this. I hope it lasts!

The next day we went to see Reykjavik and tried to make our way around the city, and quickly discovered that we would not be eating out often here. Everything is incredibly expensive! Take your average supermarket product and add on a pound. Take your average meal out and add on £5-£15 and you can see how quickly everything will add up. Oddly enough though, hot dogs and noodles are really cheap! Why of all products, did you choose those Iceland??

The evening of Day 2 was spent on a boat, trying to see mink and possibly humpback whales. We did see the tail of a mink whale, but the trip ended up being focused on following some beautiful dolphins as they popped in and out of the water. We’re not disappointed by this at all – they were still wild creatures of the sea that we got to see up close, and technically we can now report that we have seen a whale. On the way back to the shore there was a performer, entertaining the guests. This performer was a clever guy, asking all of us where we were from and performing songs from that country. Of course we got Tom Jones. I’m not disappointed, I like our stereotypes!

Whilst we were staying at our AirBnB, we met some colourful characters. A German lady in her late forties was travelling alone, and had a very abrupt nature about her, making it clear how little she liked travelling with others. She was charming about it, mocking people in a way that I think even they would laugh at. The fact that she seemed to take a liking to us made me feel privileged at least.

We also met a French man on our travels. I can’t remember his name, but he was 51 and was a hypnotist/healer by trade. My mind will never be made up on the subject of alternative medicine, but if anyone would ever convince me to believe, it was this guy. He took a very relaxed approach in describing what his job includes and why he is so passionate about it, and the main conclusion that he kept coming to was that we all need to get out of our minds and into our bodies. Stop overthinking it is my take on it. No matter what your take on alternative therapy, everyone could use that advice! With these two people in particular, it was interesting to see how they reacted with each other, which was not very well!
Day 3, I’ll have to just provide photos for this, because I can’t recall anything in particular of interest!


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