Day 47-50: New York, New York, so good we went there twice! #1

The beginning of our return to New York began with an overnight bus. It was not as comfortable as we’d hoped..


We were ready to set sail for Winnipeg. We had sorted out our couchsurfing host, we had organised which train we were going to take and, just like in a film, we were about to press ‘book now’ when a dramatic twist happened. Two of our best friends had given us the dates for when they would be in New York and asked us if we’d like to join them. There was no way we were going to turn this down, but both me and Dan simultaneously came up with the idea of telling one and surprising the other. Because why not? They were going as part of the Dave’s Mum’s 60th birthday, so it made sense to tell Dave and leave Bex in the dark.

“I’m really sorry Bex, it’s just going to cost too much” mehehehe.

We decided that arriving into New York in style was mandatory, so we booked another overnight Megabus which would take us into the centre of New York at midday the next day. The journey was not as pleasant as the ones before, and it was all thanks to this one woman.


imageI had to draw a small diagram here to really show you how unfortunate these people were! And anyone who takes away the needed sleep of others is evil – it’s really not an overstatement.

The bus was almost full and was ready to set sail, when a woman in her late 50’s got on. This woman had a sort of posh-yet-unkempt look about her, as her jewelry hinted that she was proud of her appearance, but her oudor hinted she wasnt. Every child is told (and should be told) to behave when on public transport or when speaking to the older generation. There comes a time in every child’s life, however, when they see an adult display the very behaviour that they themselves were told off for. If I was a young child, this woman would have confused me no end. 

To mention just a few of her crimes, she took off her shoes AND socks and revealed some toes that hadn’t been clipped since the 90’s (but were painted gold), which she plonked on the seat next to her so that they were always in my peripheral vision. Then, one of her bags which was dumped in the middle of the isle, was naturally thrown towards the driver every time she used the break. The driver had to stop and explain to her why that was so dangerous. The last of her big crimes is the one that makes her stick in my mind vividly even now. She had a cough – a bad one. I’m not going to get angry with anyone for just being sick, but this was the least considerate sick person I’ve ever seen on public transport. She didn’t cover her mouth when she coughed and she did nothing to try and mute the sound. Anyone within earshot of her would wake up startled every time she had a coughing fit, and I had to label the poor people opposite her for getting the worst of it, as she always coughed in their direction. I can only imagine that they ran to the nearest pharmacy when we arrived. I’m just glad she didn’t have V&D.

It wasn’t the most glamorous entrance into the city, but we still got there. Tired and agitated, we made our way to our Airbnb to drop off our bags and have a nap. It was our friends’ first day in the Big Apple as well, so we decided to not do the big surprise today as all of us probably needed a good night sleep first.

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