Day 72-73: Banff and Jasper National Parks #3

Today was a great day of Lakes. We saw three of  the many possible lakes, Lake Louise, Lake Moraine and Lake Maligne.


The urge to kayak through these crystal clear waters was was very strong, but nearly everywhere we went had just shut up shop for the end of season, to be re-opened in May. We were very lucky though, as the road leading to Lake Louise was to be closed the next day. Driving through it, I understand why. Canada has some mean looking snow-blowers, but I think winter will eventually win here.


Growing up in the UK, we’ve always seen pictures like this on post-cards and TV (below).


Before Halloween has come and gone, we feel like we’ve had Christmas day. We could almost see Santa getting his sleigh revved up as we looked at the dusted tree branches droop under the weight. We could almost picture George Michael in loud skiing gear. We’ve also gone from 30 degree weather to minus degree weather in a matter of weeks, so time has time has warped for us. It’s sped up in the sense that we’ve seen the seasons change so quickly, it’s slowed down in the sense that every day feels like a week, and it’s stopped in the sense that I feel we are still in an extended summer holiday. Our phones tell us its October, but with the dramatic weather and scenery change, October means nothing.


Anyway, back to the lakes. Water and steep inclines, what more could a girl (and boy) ask for? The weather graced us with some beautiful skies today so we could see some mirrored reflections in the water, doubling the size and magnificence of the mountains surrounding us. We missed a little of the snow fall, so we tried our best to recreate it by gently shaking some of the branches to release the trapped snow. Being so close to water, I justified going deeper into a walk, with the mindset that I could jump into the waters if I saw a bear. It wasn’t logical, but we haven’t re-enacted that scene from ‘The Revenant’ yet, so all’s good.


It was ethereal walking through the trees. You could hear nothing, but your own footsteps and the occasional mass of snow fall from the trees. The sun reflected off the snow to create an incredibly bright scene which bored into your eyes. It’s surprisingly challenging to stop for a minute and just be there. Not taking photos, not talking, not even walking for a minute. It was worth it though, as I captured a strong mental picture of the place that I think will last.


I’m going crazy with photos on this post, so I’ll end with just a few more and a story.

Once upon a time, Dan saw a big hill.


Not satisfied with seeing it from the bottom, he decided to climb it.


It’s not easy to see, but here he is, half-way up.


And here he is at the top.


He went up a hill, and came down a mountain.


And it was good.


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