Day 73-74: Banff and Jasper National Parks #4

We’re very sorry to draw our time at Banff and Jasper to a close, but move onto Vancouver we must. We can’t get 90% across the country and not see what the last 10% has to offer. Apart from adding as many scenic photos as possible, the last thing we want to mention was that the wildlife really was spectacular. We did not see a grizzly or black Paddington hanging around as it was the beginning of hibernation for them, but we did glimpse one giant of the forests.


This gentle baby of a Moose had no parents in sight, but clumsily went about his way anyway. We watched him go about his day from afar, but some people (who were out of their mind) got out of their car to get a closer look at the boy. He didn’t appear phased in the slightest. Over the course of the four days, we saw a whole array of animals. With only an ounce less luck than the Safari Parks we’ve been to, and at a fraction of the cost (approx 6GBP to enter each day), we managed to get really close and person with a whole host of wildlife.

Another species we saw were (according to a local sign) ‘horned sheep’. These guys cared as much as the baby moose when it came to tourists.


He definitely had a well practiced “and what do you want?!” face. The rest of the wildlife that we saw seemed a little milder, but just as cute.


So to wrap up our stay in Banff and Jasper, we just found the place to be the perfect get away. Just when you think you are done looking at the stunning scenery, something catches your eye and holds you for a while. I know I’m falling short when I’m trying to describe this place, so just go there if ever you can. I don’t apologise if I’ve accidentally doubled up on some photos in this post and the last.



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