Day 91-93: Halloween and Monterey

Our  Canadian Thanksgiving mission, which was to spend it with a local, was pretty successful. We did not have roast turkey and all the trimmings, but we did have a Canadian breakfast in a Canadian home with a Canadian host. And I put some maple syrup in my tea. The reason that we were so adamant that we had to spend thanksgiving this way was because we can’t spend 9 months feeling like a tourist. Sure, its not our holiday, but as I keep explaining to people we meet, we don’t go crazy over much in the UK apart from Christmas.

Monterey was a beautiful sea-side town, which was our first stop between San Francisco and LA. We’ve done a lot of back and forth in our journey in order to see as much as possible, and we’re still only going to scratch the surface. The town is just off the 1 freeway and has stunning drives to and from the place in any direction. The main attraction here is the Aquarium, which I think is the largest in the world? I’m sure that’s what someone told me.

Our AirBnB hosts were kind enough to lend us their annual pass, which stopped us from being $100 out of pocket. It’s not a cheap place to get into, but a lot of the money goes towards keeping the wildlife in the area healthy and sustainable and researching into global warming. I’m sure most of these pictures are going to speak for themselves, so I’m just going to pop them below:


Here, just like in any zoo or wildlife enclosure anywhere now, they spoke a lot about the impact of climate change. I personally never gave the oceans much thought before this visit, and focused most of my concern on wildlife in the rainforests and the climate closer to home. But the truth is that nearly half of the known coral reef in our oceans has already died and we have reached a point in time where the climate will wipe out all of it if we do not intervene. The oceans absorb most of the CO2 we release into the atmosphere, but become more and more acidic as a result, which affect the balance needed for ocean life to thrive. That fact is indisputable and it’s terrifying. How arrogant are we to come along and wipe out species of animals who’ve been here for millions of years? Do we really want to be in a position where all we can do is mourn these beautiful, living sculptures?

Now back onto Halloween. Dusk was approaching and we had made no plans. We asked people on the street, waiters, supermarket workers, anyone within reach, but they all said the same thing; Halloween is on a Monday this year. If we weren’t around to celebrate it at the weekend, then we pretty much had lost out chance. We could try and go to a bar, or we could go back to our AirBnB and admit defeat in front of a TV with some candy (that’s sweets/chocolate to you and me).

We drove home and shuffled up to the front door with the keys in hand. Before we put the key in the lock, the door opened and we were faced with two people and a dog in fancy dress. As usual with the people we meet, the British-ness in me feels that taking a photo of them would be an invasion of their personal space, so I’ll find the best replica I can on the internet.

Is this in any way how they looked? You’ll never know. Our hosts didn’t have much Halloween luck either, as they thought we would be their fourth trick ‘o’ treaters, but they made the effort to dress up and provide candy regardless. We ended up eating most of it and watched Cloverfield 10 with them, so it wasn’t the Halloween we expected, but it was a good one.


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