Quick Bathroom Story

I just want to write this one down quickly before I forget that it happened. I’m then going to publish it because I have no sense of embarrassment – I strongly believe that it’s a wasted emotion.

During one night in California, we were staying with an Asian man in an AirBnB. The only reason I’m mentioning his race is because his English was very basic and we generally had a hard time understanding each other. He knew just enough English to show us around the house, “bedroom….bathroom….kitchen….second bathroom”. The second bathroom looked a little like this.


So we continued with our evening by having very little to do with our host as attempts at conversation seemed futile. We ordered take-away and settled in for the night as we were tired and fairly far away from anything there. There were other guests we talked to for a while, but everyone in the house seemed ready for an early night.

Just as I was going to sleep, I felt my stomach rumble and not because I was hungry. Within ten minutes I knew for sure that I wasn’t very well and I needed to go to the bathroom pronto. In my hurried state, I made the quick decision to go to the second bathroom so that no one would have to go through the ordeal of going in to brush their teeth straight after I’d been in. I rushed into the bathroom, quickly locked the door and got to business straight away.

After about 15 minutes, I wasn’t feeling any better, and was resigning myself to staying in that bathroom for the whole night, when I suddenly heard “sorry, sorry!!”. The Asian host darted across from the corner of the room with the washer/dryer in. In my rushed state I must have missed the fact that he was there because it was dark in that corner and I wasn’t able to concentrate on much else.

I couldn’t move or try to make myself seem more decent, which would have been a lost cause anyway seeing as he must have been there the whole time. He was probably working out what to say when I dropped trough, so he decided to hide in order to save me from embarrassment. He bashed into the door with full force and spent what felt like a life-time working the lock to free himself. It must have been a full two minutes of him scrambling at the lock and me having to carry on before the poor fella finally freed himself into the rest of the house.

I never saw that man again.