Day 94–96: Paso Robles, CA #1

We continued along the 1 Freeway on the way to Paso Robles. There was nothing in particular about this place that we wanted to see, it was just a stop on the way to LA. The journey was stunning though, and dotted with amazing sights.


Our first stop was McWay falls (pictures above). It’s most famous for the waterfall that tumbles onto the beach, creating a scene that is pure paradise. A slightly lesser known fact about this place is that there used to be a multi-million dollar house built on this site. In the 1980’s, a landslide caused the house to me almost completely covered in earth, with only a few broken remains of walls and the view from the patio. As always, nature has a habit of returning the land to glory and it didn’t take the plant-life long to regrow in the areas.


Next up was Bixby Creek Bridge. I apologise for the cheap pose, but when would I next get a chance to hang off a bridge?! There was also a pathway that led down the side of the bridge and gave you some amazing views of the beach below. Me and Dan have started to have a “anywhere you can walk, I can walk further” competition, so if he could get down to a certain spot, then I had to follow.


I can’t really provide a location for these photos. They were just along the way. The horses were beautiful and incredibly curious, though they may have been hungry and willing to take a chance on some strangers. It was around this time that I truly began to appreciate what California had to offer. It took a little time, but I’ve got some love for you now Cali!

The next place we went to was completely by chance. It may be because the 1 Freeway isn’t commonly used to get from A to B, but not one person we asked told us about this. I’ll get the small grievance out of the way first, because it was truly sensational. Whenever I’m doing anything, I always want to follow one golden rule. If 1000 people could do the same as me without changing anything or damaging anything, then I go ahead. If 1000 me’s would create damage to anything, I stop. This rule means that I am not one of those travellers – someone who doesn’t care about their surroundings. This lady was one of those travellers and shame on her.


Ok now I’m done, so here’s the good bit. This is what they didn’t tell us about.


Elephant seals! Everywhere! All huddled and muddled along this beach, showing all of the emotions.










Cuddle-road rage.




And finally, love.


It was amazing to see how individual all of their faces were. Not a single one looked exactly like the other. They did have one thing in common though. It became evident that each of these glorious animals had the instinct to turn towards the sea and head back out into the big blue. It was touching to see this one give a final farewell before heading out.


There’s something amazing about seeing an age-old tradition take place, such as this. Once that precedes me and mankind, and one that will hopefully outlive me as well. These eccentric looking creatures knew what they needed to do – now we just need to figure that out!